Oh Crappy Day

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Film type: Short
Film Category: 

Genre: Romantic Comedy
Film Length: 18min

Showtimes: Coming Soon

Short Synopsis: “Oh Crappy Day” is a romantic comedy with a psychological twist. Jared, an aspiring filmmaker, meets Katie, a charming young grad student, on a blind date, and the two of them seem perfectly matched. Jared has a problem, though: an acute case of OCD, which he’s determined to hide from Katie. He succeeds for a while, until a sticky menu triggers his compulsive hand-washing, threatening the budding romance. It’s a classic love triangle — a boy, a girl, a pair of hands.

Jon Lance Bacon

Steven P. Neilson

Jon Lance Bacon

Main Cast:
Jared: Jordan Estes
Katie: Jess Barbour

List of Accolades/Awards:

Lou Costello Award for Comedy Short, Garden State Film Festival, March 2015
Platinum Remi Award, WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival, April 2015
Best Plot Twist, Granite State Film Festival, April 2015
Best Sound Design, Milledgeville Film Festival, April 2015
Best Narrative Short (Comedy), Longleaf Film Festival, May 2015
People’s Choice Awards: Best Director & Best Film, Red Hook Film Festival, October 2015
Best Music: Smoky Mountain Film Festival, November 2015