2017 Festival Schedule

All showtimes & events below are at the Four Seasons Cinema, 2429 Military Rd #1 Niagara Falls, NY 14304, unless otherwise specified


Opening Film & After Party  – TBA



5:00 pm –  Brute City (F, 82m)

5:00 pm –  Empty Space (F, 75m)

6:00 pm – Soul City (Doc, 20m)

6:00 pm – Saving The Planet, One Bite At A Time (Doc, 58m)

6:00 pm – CowJews And Indians: How.. (Doc, 93m)

7:00 pm –  Casting (Sh, 39m)

7:00 pm – Cube Of The Mind (F, 53m)

7:00 pm – Shorts Block “A”
Richie’s (11m)
Return To Zanskar (23m)
Roohangiz (7m)
Sweet Talk (8m)
Swing Low (34m)


8:00 pm – I Am Still Here (F, 104m)

8:00 pm –  Reinforced Concrete (F, 98m)

9:00 pm – Free Fallers (F, 82m)

10:00 pm – Disposable (F, 80m)

11:00 pm – 666 (11m)

11:00 pm – Dead Sunrise (F, 80m)




5:00 PM – Shorts Block “B”

-The Book Of Judith (20m)

-The Gift Of The Magpie (11m)

-The Girl On The Mat (27m)

-The Grill Man (15m)

-The Nest Egg (14m)


5:00 pm – Remember Us: The Hungarian Hidden Children..(Doc, 90m)

5:00 pm- Manmade Waters (Doc, 23m)

5:00 pm – Missing Piece (Doc, 25m)

5:00 pm – Monday To Monday (Doc, 29m)

6:00 pm – Seasons (Sh, 27m)

6:00 pm – Sensitive Parts (F, 69m)

6:00 pm – Slipaway (F, 89m)

6:00 pm – Forgotten Farms (Doc, 63m)

7:00 pm – As Far As The Eye Can See (F, 88m)


7:00 pm – Shorts Block “D”

-Camp Loser, The Last Night (11m)

-Petrol (10m)

-Niagara Falling (20m)

-More Than One (20m)

-Missy (7m)

-Mayfield) (20)


7:00 pm


Followed by discussion on the making of Fallout with Mayor Byron Brown and filmmakers – OPEN DISCUSSION


8:00 pm – Shorts Block “C”

-Symposium (19m)

-Left Bank Bookseller (28m)

-I Dare You (19m)

-Gonna Be A Soldier (7m)

-How To Rob A House (7m)


8:00 pm – Murder On The Cape (F, 90m)

9:00 pm – Elements Of Matter (F, 94m)

10:00 pm – Whoever Was Using This Bed (21m)

10:00 pm – Venatus Mors (Sh, 20m)

10:00 pm – The Night-Time Winds (45m)



11:30 am – Music Videos

-Blackwater (3m)

-Blue Eyes (3m)

-Only Wanna Party (3m)

-Save Me

-Stories Upon Your Lips (4m)

-The Deadly Ms. Susan Aside (5m)

-Undone By Candace Bellamy (5m)

-Plastic Flowers (4m)

-Mayur (8m)


12:00 pm – Shorts Block “E”

-The Man With The Western Hat (14m)

-The Fortunate (16m)

-The Way Of A Brook In Spring (9m)

-Turnabout (28m)

-Vindicta (8m)


1:00 pm – Ichiro And The Wave (Doc, 11m)

1:00 pm – 6 Guys, 6,000 Miles (Doc, 65m)

1:00 pm – Beyond The Thrill (Doc, 58m)


1:00 pm – Shorts Block “G”

-Origin (15m)

-No (1m)

-Missionary (16m)

-Lemon Eyes (14m)

-Light Sound (8m)

-Marc Chung Protects His Address (10m)

-Orbital Inn (15m)


2:00 pm – Shorts Block “F”

-Until Now (8m)

-Vexation: The Acid Rain

-Prologue (8m)

-You Will Make It (30m)

-Your Mother And I (14m)

-Touch (15m)


3:00 pm – Swing Low (34m)

3:00 pm – Land Of The Little People (F, 83m)

3:00 pm – Kute (F, 111m)


4:00 pm – John Lives Again (F, 84m)

4:00 pm – Invisible (F, 74m)


5:00 pm

-Hitchcock Suspense Seminar – “Creating the Ultimate Suspense: Hitchcock Style”


Keeping your audience from getting bored is more vital for today’s filmmakers than ever before.  Explore Jeffrey’s top techniques for heightening suspense that you can use in your next film, based on the master – Alfred Hitchcock.  Modern filmmakers are loving this new look at Hitchcock’s works in order to develop their storytelling skills and enhance their grip on their audience. This class features 10 clips from Hitchcock’s works (and related films), exploring the grammar of writing visual sentences, using your camera like a musical instrument, and bringing the secrets of suspense out of the shadows.


5:00 pm – 7 Days Graffiti (Doc, 94m)
5:00 pm – Shorts Block “H”

-Psych Out (19m)

-Quiet Man (4m)

-Renae (12m)

-Road Kill (21m)

-Sam The Vamp (11m)

-Silent Hill Memorial (16m)

-Glimpse (9m)


6:00 pm – Osprey (F,97m)


6:00 pm

-Dogmouth (F, 89m)

(Q + A w/ John Steppling)


9:00 pm – Hunting Pignut (F, 94m)


1:00 pm – Shorts Block “I”

-Therapy For The Outlaw (8m)

-Theatre Of Hate (6m)

-The Opera Singer (3m)

-The Kidnapping Of The Fish (25m)

-Tales Of A Darkened Light: A Friendly…(20m)

-The Onlookers (11m)


1:00 pm – Panel Discussion – FREE EVENT

“The Legal In’s & Outs about Financing and Making a Motion Picture”

The attorneys will discuss fundraising dos and don’ts and will cover legal issues relating to production of a motion picture.  Specifically, the attorneys will address how to prepare a private placement memorandum and what actions may be taken when raising funds through this method and other methods of raising funds.  Additionally, they will address business entity selection, necessary chain of title documents, production agreements, fair use, copyright and trademark issues and any other film related issues that might be on the audience’s mind.


2:00 pm – According To Ben Adams (F, 105m)

2:00 pm – The Bullish Farmer (Doc, 80m)
3:00 pm
-Ascribeo Achievements (Sh, 4m)

-Barkley (F, 87m)


3:00 pm – Barkley (F, 87m)

3:00 pm – Shorts Block ‘J”

-Shattered (5m)

-Ringer (9m)

-Seasons (27m)

-Petting Scorpions (15m)

-Panopticon (20m)

-Attempt To Rise (19m)


3:00 pm – Sauti (Voice) (Doc, 74m)

4:00 pm – Is This Now (F, 90m)

4:00 pm – The Honeybadger (Doc, 15m)

4:00 pm – The Lavender Scare (Doc, 76m)
5:00 pm – Part Of Me: Living With Breast Cancer (Doc, 38m)

5:00 pm – Outcaste: The House That Carol Built (Doc, 67m)

5:00 pm – Diffability Hollywood (Doc, 125m)

6:00 pm – J. Kessels a.k.a Road Duster (F, 104m)

6:00 pm – S.T.A.R. (Space Traveling Alien Rejects) (F, 93m)




3:00 PM – Black Luck (F, 90m)

4:00 pm – Beneath The Wide Wide Heaven (Doc, 15m)

4:00 pm – The Circus (Doc, 64m)

5:00 pm – Heredity (F, 100m)


5:00 pm – Shorts Block “K”

-Reconquista (14m)

-Honestly Charlotte (6m)

-Go Paul (17m)

-Glimpse (9m)

-Democracy In The Drivers (8m)

-Downward Hiro (22m)


6:00 pm – Drew Gets It (Doc, 20m)

6:00 pm – Dying In Vein, The Opiate Generation (Doc, 70m)

6:00 pm – The Glass Floor (F, 70m)

7:00 pm – On The 7th Date (F, 82m)

8:00 pm – Women Are The Answer (Doc, 91m)

8:00 pm – Rotten Mangos (Sh, 37m)

8:00 pm – Purple Dreams (Doc, 72m)

10:00 pm – The Beast (F, 78m)



3:00 pm – Fallout (8m), Planet Codes, Unleashing Natures Healing Powers (Doc, 90m)

4:00 pm – American Made Movie (Doc, 86m)

4:00 pm – Something Fun (F, 70m)

4:00 pm – Cavities (25m)


4:00 pm – 95 Decibels (28m)

4:00 pm – Colorblind (23m)


5:00 pm – Shorts Block “L”

-The Daughter: A Click Chamber Barrel (9m)

-The Gatherer (10m)

-The Kidnapping Of A Fish (25m)

-The Queen (14m)

-The Weight (18m)


5:00 pm – 25 Tracks (Doc, 53m)

5:00 pm – Martin Hill: Camera Man (Doc, 39m)

5:00 pm – Executor (F, 96m)

6:00 pm – 1st Sem (F, 90m)

6:00 pm – Sienna’s Choice (F, 53m)

6:00 pm – The Watch Tower (F, 55m)

6:00 pm – Trilogie De Tradgie (F, 83m)

7:00 pm – Thru (F, 81m)

7:00 pm – Frank Pheonix (F, 80m)


8:00 pm

-Moods, Mountains, And Masterpiece: A… (Doc, 11m)

-Not Black Enough (Doc, 83m)


8:00 pm – Shorts Block “M”

-11 Minutes (7m)

-3 Minutes (13m)

-A Gift (17m)

-Between Seconds (21m)

-Aadha Chand Tum Rakhlo (23m)





5:00 PM – The Gaelic Curse (F, 87m)


5:00 pm – Shorts Block “P”

-Aimiee (11m)

-Untold (21m)

-Animal (16m)

-Autocarrot (7m)

-Attempt To Rise (19m)


5:00pm – Curtsy, Mister (Doc, 82m)

6:00 pm – Curpigeon (Anime, 10m)

6:00 pm – The Father Of The Bear (F, 85m)

7:00 pm – Shorts Block “N”

-The Admired (15m)

-We Remember (14m)

-What I Would Do (11m)

-Wishing Box (6m)

-Wreckage (7m)

-Split Ticket (20m)


7:00 pm – Gutshot (F, 90m)

7:00 pm – Starlit (F, 105m)



8:00 pm – This Is Meg (F, 85m)


8:00 pm – Shorts Block “Q”

-Cup Of Tea (3m)

-Charming (17m)

-Check Mate (28m)

-Colt 13 (13m)

-Companionship (17m)

-Fallout (8m)


8:00 pm – Solo Project (F, 82m)

9:00 pm –  The 5 Year (F, 95m)


9:00 pm -The Badger (F, 92m)

10:00 pm -Shorts Block “O”

-Illegal Aliens (10m)

-Jesus (13m)

-JFK…The Badgeman Conspiracy (40m)

-Just, Go! (10m)

-It Gets Better (11m)




4:00 pm  -Shorts Block “R”

-Buttercup (6m)

-Ceci N’est Pas Vue Animation (6m)

-Test Of Faith (35m)

-Day Trip (11m)

-Crab Trap (25m)

-Aimiee (11m)


4:00 pm -Household Accounts (F, 98m)

5:00 pm -The Violin Alone (Doc, 55m)

5:00 pm – The Blue Goose (Doc, 50m)

5:00 pm -The Breaking Point (F, 78m)


6:00 pm -Shorts Block “S”

-Father (9m)

-Fireflies (17m)

-Forest Of Echoes (30m)

-Ghostwriter (8m)

-Glass Ceiling (12m)

-High Deny (8m)

-Wiretap Scars (6m)


6:00 pm -Blazekid Warrior (Doc, 24m)

6:00 pm -Children Of The Silent Revolution (Doc, 84m)

7:00 pm -Kaufmanns Game (F, 89)

7:00 pm -Hell Of A New Year (25m)

7:00 pm – SRQ: State Of Mind (F, 56m)

7:00 pm -To Whom It May Concern (F, 105m)

8:00 pm -Shorts Block “T”

-Swiped Right (20m)

-Thanatophobia (15m)

-The Blind Side (19m)

-The Boy By The Sea (7m)

-The Ravens (20m)

9:00 pm -Cauboi Faykand And The Wild West (Anime, 4m)

9:00pm -Highly Functional (F, 85m)