Arise Sweet Sara

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Film type: Feature
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Genre: Narrative Drama and Dance Film
Film Length: 99min

Showtimes: Saturday, April 16, 2016 at 2:00pm – 4:00pm

Short Synopsis:
Through a dramatic story and presentation based on true events, Arise Sweet Sarah shares a message of the value and importance of human life, as well as a message of healing and wholeness in the midst of silent grief in the wake of “choice”. One in three women will have an abortion by age 45, and these statistics are not exempt in faith-based settings. Furthermore, a large percentage of women believe abortion is their only choice when in crisis pregnancy. Others are coerced. One abortion affects 40 to 50 people in a lifetime. After abortion, 65 percent of women experience post traumatic stress disorder and are six times more likely to commit suicide than women who gave birth. Post traumatic stress disorder after abortion may include the following: flashbacks or nightmares; compulsive thoughts and feelings that started after the abortion; suicidal thoughts or feelings; depression or anxiety; lack of attachment to your children; self-hatred; shame; social isolation; relationship difficulties; and compulsive or addictive behaviors that started after abortion. Studies have also shown that abortion increases a woman’s risk of breast cancer and also a high risk of preterm deliveries of subsequent pregnancies. The vision for our work is to bring hope, healing and forgiveness to people who have suffered after choice, and to share our stories so others are educated of the potential risks and negative effects of abortion. Arise Sweet Sarah is based on the personal experiences of film writer, director and producer Sandy Arena and the uncountable stories of others who have suffered after abortion. The story is gently written and shared in the f! orm of a letter to our character “Sarah’s” unborn children that is brought alive in film through a powerful combination of personal narration, symbolism, acting, original score and a combination of modern dance, ballet, scenery and costuming. Presented by Arts Illuminate (formerly The Life Ballet) and Verb Records.

Sandy Arena

Sandy Arena

Executive Producers
Sam Arena, Corey Brooks (Verb Records), Edward Taylor King (Verb Records)

Co-Producer, Assistant Director and Director of Choreography
Alexis Gaetano

Assistant Choreographer and Associate Producer
Michelle Pauly

Associate Producer
Ami Gallagher

Sandy Arena

Main Cast:
Alexis Gaetano
​Annaliese Arena
Michelle Pauly
Rachel Urban
Ron Finstuen
Olivia Glover
Tristen Barnes

List of Accolades/Awards:
Arise Sweet Sarah is a film adaptation of a live production called The Life Ballet that traveled throughout the United States and into Canada since 2008. The idea to film Arise Sweet Sarah was birthed on the streets of Nashville during one such trip, when our dancers were ministering in dance on the streets alongside musicians from the band Spoken For (Formerly Corey Brooks Band). The film was a two year project from start to completion and released as a private event in September 2015 at the world famous Dryden Theater, George Eastman House in Rochester, NY. Filming took place in Rochester, NY in the course of one week, logging in 85 total hours. Although The Life Ballet will no longer be touring due to the release of its film, the live show enjoyed many previous experiences touring nationally performing in New York, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Nashville Tennessee, California, Texas, Indiana, Colorado and Lethbridge, Canada. Although we were not credited, The Life Ballet and Sandy Arena were called upon to cast, choreograph, costume and serve as technical advisers to the video “This Time” by John Elefante (former band member of Kansas). The dancers you see in that video and the choreography that was created, and most of the actors are from our team. The concept of dancing to share a story of abortion was inspired from our show. We have also appeared on or have been interviewed by The Miracle Channel Christian of Lethbridge, Canada, TCT.TV, Day Gardner’s Day Report, Ethel Chadwick’s Bagels and Blessings, Jill Stanek, Breaking Christian News, Tom Jackson Showcase, Monday Minute, Catholic Courier Post, Kim Ketola’s Cradl! e My Heart.

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