After the Rain

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Film type: Feature
Film Category: 

Genre: Drama
Film Length: 94 min

Showtimes: Thursday, April 14, 2016 at 6:00pm – 7:30pm

Short Synopsis: Based on a true story, After the Rain centers around Ryan (Daniel Bonjour), a young man trying to come to grips with terminal illness. By his side is his adoring girlfriend, Paisley (Jelly Howie), who tries to breathe life back into his days. We share intimate moments with Ryan and Paisley as they re-create a colorful world through daily rituals such as photo collages, and imaginary bucket lists. Unsure how to say goodbye, Ryan tries whatever he can to make the transition easier for his family and friends, but alienating himself in the process. In After the Rain we glimpse the subtle beauty that accompanies the struggle in a person’s passing. How does one holster unbearable feelings in order to make every moment count?

Daniel Bonjour

Jordi Caballero
Daniel Bonjour
Hector Tinoco

Executive Producer: Roy Vongtama, Vitune Vongtama,

Peter Cerovsek, Mr,
Natasa Cica, Ms.
Toma Zidic, Mr.

Main Cast:
Daniel Bonjour
Jelly Howie
Catherine Hicks
Roy Vongtama
Eddie Finlay