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Film type: Short

Film Category: Documentary

Genre: Documentary

Film Length: 20min

Showtimes: Saturday, April 16, 2016 at 10:00am – 11:30am

Short Synopsis: The story of timid and reserved James Wales and his fractured life with his older and aggressive brother, James.

Markus Graves

Markus Graves

Markus Graves

Main Cast:
Daniel Annone
Alejandro Guevarez
Lynde Schmidt 







List of Accolades/Awards:

Official Selections:

Garden State Film Festival (2016)
Buffalo Niagara International Film Festival (2016)
Best Shorts Competition (2015) (Award Of Recognition: Drama Short)
NYC Indie Film Awards (2015) (Winner of Best Director, Best Actress, Best Screenplay, Best Original Score)
Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival (2015) (Award Of Recognition: Drama Short)
Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards (2015)
Los Angeles CineFest (2016)
#TOFF The Online Film Festival (2016)