Time Rojak


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Film type: Feature
Film Category:

Genre: Drama
Film Length: 62min

Showtimes: Wednesday, Apr 13, 2016 at 6:00pm

Short Synopsis: A story about a young scientist who invents a device that can read the alpha waves of living creatures. This invention holds the power to improve human life but corporate arrogance and the scientist’s naive idealism complicate things. A melancholic tale of duplicity and loss, of warped time and missed opportunities. Note: Rojak is a Malay/Singlish word for mix or mixture. Singlish is colloquial Singaporean English.

Isaac Kerlow

Isaac Kerlow

Isaac Kerlow

Main Cast:
Fish Chaar
Erik Wayne Goh
Gim Goh
Michael Lee
Yu Beng Lim
Meng Chue Lok
Cynthia Lee MacQuarrie
Vanessa Vanderstraaten