The Runner


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Film type: Short
Film Category:

Genre: Documentary, Experimental
Film Length: 6min

Showtimes: Thursday, Apr 14, 2016 at 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Short Synopsis: The first breath is a decision. Each subsequent breath is a struggle for a goal that remains unseen. A struggle for life. He is a former long-distance runner. He reveals his suffering, pain, and effort, all of which are crucial elements of each and every race.

Peter Cerovsek, Mr,
Natasa Cica, Ms.
Toma Zidic, Mr.

Tom Gomizelj, Mr.

Peter Cerovsek, Mr,
Natasa Cica, Ms.
Toma Zidic, Mr.

Main Cast: Mirko Vindis as himself

List of Accolades:

K3 Film Festival 2014, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Kraljevski Filmski Festival 2014, Kraljevo, Serbia
Euroshorts Film Festival 2014, Gdansk, Poland
Croatian Short Film Revue 2014, Vukovar, Croatia
Alternative Film i Video Festival 2014, Belgrade, Serbia
Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival 2015, Belgrade, Serbia
SEE a Paris – Festival des Cinemas du Sud Est Europeen 2015, Paris, France
Croatian Film Days 2015, Zagreb, Croatia
Tabor Film Festival 2015, Veliki Tabor, Croatia
BCN Sports Film Festival – FICTS 2015, Barcelona, Spain
International documentary film festival DOKUDOC 2015, Maribor, Slovenia
Slovenian Film Festival 2015, Portorose, Slovenia
Tuzla Film Festival 2015, Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Avanca Film Festival 2015, Avanca, Portugal
MEDIT – Festival de Cinema Mediterrani de Menorca 2015, Menorca, Portugal
Film Mixer – Independent film festival 2015, Slovenia
International Film Festival ‘Prvi Kadar’ 2015, Bosnia and Herzegovina
LIFFe – Ljubljana International Film Festival 2015, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Festival of Video and Sound Creations Códec 2015, Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico
GoldenSun Shortfilm Festival 2015, Malta
Chennai International Short Film Festival 2016, Chennai, India

International Film Festival ‘Prvi Kadar’ 2015, Bosnia and Herzegovina – Best student documentary in Ex-Yu competition