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Film type: Feature
Film Category: 

Genre: Sci-fi, Thriller, Drama
Film Length: 81min

Showtimes: Wednesday, April 13, 2016 at 8:30pm – 9:30pm

Short Synopsis: Theodore Meridian is a geneticist who grapples with his enigmatic ability of envisioning future deaths. After becoming aware of a shooting in a pharmacy through a vision of his patient, Theodore advises her to avoid the pharmacy. In a twist of fate, he discovers subsequently that his lover Anna was substituted as the victim of the inevitable pharmacy shooting. After mourning the loss of Anna, he becomes ever more determined in tracking down the “prescient gene”.

Hann-Shi Lem
John Hannon
Hann-Shi Lem

Hann-Shi Lem
John Hannon

Main Cast:
Michael Piccirilli
Pamelyn Chee
Anthony Bishop

List of Accolades/ Awards
Special Jury Prize for WNY Feature,
Buffalo International Film Festival