Jack Is Pretty

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Film type: Short
Film Category: 

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Fairy Tale
Film Length: 26min

Showtimes: Coming Soon

Short Synopsis: Amid the chaos and instability of growing up with neglectful parents, and enduring the taunting of a bully, a little girl strikes out on her own to find order, happiness, and an understanding of the world around her. As the dangers surrounding her come closing in, her world brightens when she finds the solace of friendship and love with an old, discarded Jack In The Box.

Jarek Zabczynski – Director

Jarek Zabczynski – Producer
Ryan Katzer – Producer
Jen Mille – Producer

Ryan Katzer




Main Cast:
Ella Schnoor
Andrew Guido
Lisa Lynds
John Kruppa
Paul Coleman
George Conrad
Ryan Katzer

List of Accolades/Awards:

Orlando Film Festival – Best Short Film
LA Shorts Awards – Best Short Film
LA Shorts Awards – Best Actress
Macabre Faire – Best Poster