India’s Daughter


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Film type: Feature
Film Category: 

Genre: Documentary
Film Length: 63min

Showtimes: Thursday, April 14, 2014 at 1:00pm – 3:00pm

Short Synopsis:
INDIA’s DAUGHTER is the story of the short life, brutal gang rape and murder in Delhi in December 2012 of an exceptional and inspiring young woman. The rape of the 23 year old medical student by 6 men on a moving bus, and her death, sparked unprecedented protests and riots throughout India and led to the first glimmers of a change of mindset. Interwoven into the story line are the lives, values and mindsets of the rapists whom the film makers have had exclusive and unprecedented access to interview before they hang. The film examines the culture of rape and violence against women that exists in India and throughout the world and makes an optimistic and impassioned plea for change.

Leslee Udwin

Leslee Udwin

List of Accolades/Awards:
San Diego Film Festival (Best Documentary),
Biografilm (Contemporary Lives Awards),
Stuttgart Indian Film Festival (Best Documentary),
Asian Media Awards (Best Investigative Documentary),
UN Associated Film Festival (Grand Jury Prize),
Heartland Film Festival (Award Winning Documentary),
Gucci Tribeca (Spotlighting Women’s Documentary Award),
Influence Film Award, Orlando Film Festival (Social Awareness Award),
Worldview Documentary Award, Anna Lindh Human Rights Award, New York Times 2nd Most Impactful Woman of 2015 – Leslee Udwin, Best Feature Documentary – Richmond International Film Festival.