Half Brothers

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Film type: Feature
Film Category: 

Genre: Drama, Comedy
Film Length: 97min

Showtimes: Thursday, April 14, 2016 at 10:00pm – Fri, Apr 15 at 12:00am

Short Synopsis: The first breath is a decision. Each subsequent breath is a struggle for a goal that remains unseen. A struggle for life. He is a former long-distance runner. He reveals his suffering, pain, and effort, all of which are crucial elements of each and every race.

Christoph Lehmann

Christoph Lehmann
Peter Wagner
Sasha Yelaun
Niles Maxwell
Executive Producers:
Beat Ambord
Yasin Sebastian Qureshi

Niles Maxwell

Main Cast:
Jake Mestre
Badd Idea
Scooter LaForge
Vinny Cruz 

List of Accolades/Awards:
Official Selection Malibu Filmfestival
Official Selection BIFF Berlin International Filmfestival