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Until Now
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Never has a found letter, a first time read, great timing and a simple dance been combined into one work revealing a true story, of loss, love and kindness… Until Now.

Genre: Short
Film Length: 8min

Showtimes: Sat, Sep 23 at 2:00 PM–4:00 PM

Dana Altman

Samantha Michele Buchanan

Main Cast:
Teri Polhamus Schreurs
Christopher Perricelli
Nichol Mason Lazenby
Samantha Michele Buchanan
Elizabeth Raia
Pierce Nichols
James Serpento
Melinda Simonsen
Matthew Boyce
Salome M. Krell
Jeff Hoover
Erin Moran
Joe Dignoti
Annette Duffy
Joseph Cash
Dr. George Perlebach

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