Counter Clockwise


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Film type: Feature
Film Category:

Genre: Sci Fi Thriller
Film Length: 91min

Showtimes: Saturday, April 16, 2016 at 6:00pm – 7:45pm

Short Synopsis:
Counter Clockwise is sci-fi thriller/dark comedy about a brilliant scientist on the verge of creating teleportation. But something goes wrong and he accidentally invents time travel. He’s hurled 6 months in the future where he finds a sinister upside down world. People are trying to kill him, he’s entangled in corporate espionage, and, worst of all, he’s the prime suspect for the murders of his wife and sister. In an attempt to change history and save his loved ones he must travel back in time to uncover the mystery surrounding their deaths.

George Moïse


George Moïse
Michael Kopelow
Walter Moïse

George Moïse
Michael Kopelow

Main Cast:
Michael Kopelow – Ethan
Frank Simma – Roman
Kerry Knuppe – Fiona
Alice Rietveld – Ceil
Joy Rinaldi – Estella
Bruno Amato – Hank
Aaron Bowden – Rossio
Caleb Brown – Gilroy 

List of Accolades/Awards:
Fantastic Planet Film Festival WINNER – Independent Spirit Award
Philip K. Dick Film Festival WINNER – Best Science Fiction Feature
Action on Film International Film Festival WINNER – Best Science Fiction Feature
NOMINATED – Best Special Effects
Eugene International Film Festival WINNER – Best Science Fiction Feature
Maverick Movie Awards WINNER – Best Picture
Best Actor
NOMINATED – Best Director
Best Screenplay
Best Actress
Best Supporting Actor
Best Editing
Best Special FX & Makeup

Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival NOMINATED – Best Science Fiction Feature
Best Actor
Best Thriller Feature
Best Screenplay
Orlando Film Festival NOMINATED – Best Screenplay
Best Cinematography
Miami Science Fiction Film Festival OFFICIAL SELECTION
Twin Cities Film Festival OFFICIAL SELECTION
Sunburst Film Festival OFFICIAL SELECTION

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