Benjamin Troubles

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Film type: Feature
Film Category: 

Genre: Thriller – Dark Comedy – Fantasy
Film Length: 145min

Showtimes: Thursday, April 14, 2016 at 5:50pm

Short Synopsis: Down on his luck “Good Guy” Ben Solano, has the worst day of his life… fired, kicked out of his temp apartment – mugged, beaten, in his final moments of despair a homeless man gives Ben a pair of magic jeans that produce a $100 dollar bill every hour!! Once this magic $$ making machine is discovered things go from bad to good to better then get complicated — bad drug dealers, beautiful mysterious women, best friends with big ideas… Ben must solve all his troubles and face the final decision, to keep the jeans or not to keep the jeans!!

Kai Ephron
Lee Ross
Sasha Yelaun
Manu Intiraymi

Kai Ephron
Lee Ross
Sasha Yelaun
Manu Intiraymi



Peter Cerovsek, Mr,
Natasa Cica, Ms.
Toma Zidic, Mr.

Main Cast:
Manu Intiraymi
Mishel Prada
Phillip Andre Botello
Jai Koutrae

List of Accolades:
Best Screenplay –
Mumbai Film Festival 2016