How To Buy The Best Lawn Edger
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How To Buy The Best Lawn Edger

Nothing will make your lawn look more like a professionally maintained landscape than the edger from WORX. Because of the sturdiness of the Poulan PP1000E 7-Inch Pro Lawn Edger Attachment the overall weight of the product is more than the accustomed weigh of many users. The support wheel that comes along the attachment best lawn edgers 2018 is a great help in offsetting its weight. Getting used to the edger is a little difficult, but with practice, the edges becomes easy. Many accessories come along when you buy this pro edger attachment. This Poulan PP1000E 7-Inch Pro Lawn Edger Attachment comes with a heavy duty gear box which can be easily carried.

It is designed with a 3-position blade depth that is easy to adjust when you want to achieve maximum flexibility and control when you are using it. It has a patented power drive transmission that makes it maintain its power when you are dealing with heavy grass and weeds. Apart from mowing, there is a lot that you need to do on your lawn to ensure it gets the best appearance. You need to trim areas with overgrowing as well as edging along the borders. However, once you have your edges under control, then electric models are usually quick and effective options for most domestic situations. Edging machines that run on gasoline are the most powerful available.

Radius Garden 206 Pro Stainless Steel Edger

If the Ego ST1511T is not available, our next choice is the Ego ST1521S Power+ String Trimmer with Powerload. It’s Ego’s previous version of the tool, and it is nearly identical to the ST1511T, other than that the shaft is not telescoping and the trigger design is slightly different. The ST1521S costs about the same as the ST1511T, so we’d always opt for our main pick first. But if you need something in a hurry and the ST1511T is not available, this is an excellent second choice.

Another plus of this edger is the 11-amp motor that provides sufficient power to tackle tough grass and roots. Furthermore, it has an adjustable handle, fit for use by both left and right-handed individuals. The Worx WG896 is a lawn edger that gives you good value for your money. The Worx is a corded electric, meaning that you have to connect it to an electrical outlet. Unfortunately, this also means that you’ll be restricted by the length of the cord.

Dewalt Dcst990 40v String Trimmer

A walk behind edger offers more precision and it can cover a larger area than a stick model. The Yard Butler Step Edger Manual Steel Lawn Garden Sidewalk Grass Long Handled Foot Edging Tool is a lightweight and versatile option that is easy to use. Its thin frame design makes it a great option for simple and quick jobs. The extended foot shelf makes it easy to leverage your full weight if need be.

  • This is a light duty edger, perfect for a typically kept up regular sized suburban type yard.
  • The step lawn edger, however, is designed for ease of use.
  • There are manual and motorized models of lawn edgers available.
  • You don’t have to worry about purchasing gas, since this is equipped with a 10V Max battery that offers you plenty of runtime.
  • If the string breaks while you’re trimming, the Ego has an easy bump-feed line advance.

However, you can extend the cutting area by several inches so that you cover large areas quickly. This package comes with the battery and the charger included so that you can get to work right away. Even though they didn’t make our 5 best lawn edgers list, they’re the best of the rest and each is still a great option for your home. The information you’ll need to compare each one is included with the listing. Most lawn edgers require you to push in a lever and pull a cord to start it. The two-step process ensures that it only operates when you want it to.

The Best Lawn Edger

The BLACK+DECKER 2-in-1 String Grass Trimmer and Lawn Edger delivers unbeatable versatility for a reasonable price, making it a worthwhile purchase for any homeowner. This tool serves as both a string trimmer and lawn edger, allowing you to trim grass in hard-to-reach areas, as well as clean up the edges of your yard. For an easy to assemble lawn edger, you need the LE760FFAM from Black & Decker. You need no gas, string, or recharging and give a clean cut. The heights adjustable and even the blade replacement come cheap.

Like electric models, they need their blades sharpened or replaced on occasion. Unless you’re regularly using it, they should be emptied of gas for long-term storage, and of course, you’ll need to fill the tank to use it. You may need to do some carburetor care on them from time to time. However, having a gas lawn edger repaired tends to be cheaper than buying a new one. Adjust the handle and string, and you’re ready to go with one of the most versatile and useful tools you can own for yard maintenance. Once you master the basics, you’ll find your grass trimmer to be both easy to use and indispensable.

It comes with a spool of line already installed, and its automatic feed system lets you work continuously without having to stop to feed the spool. Plus, you can easily convert it into a wheeled edger that provides superior control and accuracy for clean, straight lines. “This lawn edger also serves as a string trimmer, giving you two abilities for the price of one.” This corded electric GreenWorks edger features a 12-amp engine and an extension cord with a cord lock feature that prevents accidental unplugging. Framed by spring-loaded front wheels for variable edging depth, the 7.5-inch double-edged steel blade of the GreenWorks is capable of cutting cleanly and smoothly. In all wheeled models, the rear wheels are responsible for moving the entire unit along, while a guide wheel keeps the blade aligned with the task at hand.

best lawn edgers 2018

I just want to point out that Ryobi has an absolutely mind-boggling array of tools in their 18 volt ONE + system. The lawn & garden tools are good for small lawns but they have some specialty tools that no one else has. For exampleRYOBI ONE+ 18-VOLT CHEMICAL SPRAYER at The Home Depot. This is the handiest tool for applying Round-up or Weed-B-Gone. The larger line allows you to clear that strip of tall weeds and grass you forgot out behind the shed.

Step Lawn Maintenance Routine For A Professional

For one, this is by far the most structurally durable lawn edging we reviewed. Interestingly enough, this lawn edging is also exceptionally flexible which makes it great for larger estates that have eccentric edges. Finally, with molded spikes, setup is by far the easiest with this product. This means that you will be forced to dig a short and narrow line along the edge of wherever you choose to install it. Then, you will have to come back and fill in that hole, making sure that the lawn edging is standing upright and straight.

best lawn edgers 2018

This has a long battery runtime, a lightweight design, and it’s very easy to use. This doesn’t have to be difficult though, if you use a lawn edger. Makita did well keeping the weight and noise level down while delivering excellent best lawn edgers 2018 power and ergonomics. With smaller cutting swath, limited run time, and line capacity under 0.095″, this is geared more toward the homeowner. It’s going to be a complete line with blower and hedge trimmer already in place.

While the gas edger is noisy and emits gases, the electric variety leads to electronic waste. The manual edger leaves no kind of debris, gases or wastes. Worx WG163 is a battery-powered edger that can also work as a trimmer. It’s a product of Worx, who are among the leading manufacturers of gardening power tools.


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