Hitchcock Suspense Seminar – “Creating The Ultimate Suspense: Hitchcock Style”

Keeping your audience from getting bored is more vital for today’s filmmakers than ever before.  Explore Jeffrey’s top techniques for heightening suspense that you can use in your next film, based on the master – Alfred Hitchcock.  Modern filmmakers are loving this new look at Hitchcock’s works in order to develop their storytelling skills and enhance their grip on their audience. This class features 10 clips from Hitchcock’s works (and related films), exploring the grammar of writing visual sentences, using your camera like a musical instrument, and bringing the secrets of suspense out of the shadows.

Date of Seminar: TBA
Time of Seminar: TBA

Location of Seminar:
Four Seasons Cinema
2429 Military Road (Behind Big Lots)
Niagara Falls, New York 14304
Phone: 716-297-1951




Writer, independent filmmaker, and “Hitchcock-whisperer” Jeffrey Michael Bays has been helping thousands of filmmakers worldwide for over a decade with his Hitchcock tutorials, books, and workshops.

Along with a Master of Arts in Cinema from La Trobe University, his intuitive understanding of the film craft has led to two how-to books ‘Between the Scenes’ and ‘Suspense With a Camera’ as well as numerous articles in MovieMaker Magazine, No Film School, and The Director’s Chair.  Jeffrey was also writer and producer of the award-winning ‘Not From Space’ on XM Satellite Radio (2003).






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Whats Covered In the Seminar: