Frank Dux to attend the 2017 BNFF
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Please Welcome Frank Dux who will be attending. the 2017 Buffalo Niagara Film Festival.


Frank Dux is a Martial Arts legend surrounded in both fame and controversy. In the early 1980s, Dux was the center of a now-famous article in a well-known martial arts magazine, highlighting his career as an underground fighter for a secret organization located in Asia. A number of years later, Dux’s fight career was the subject of Jean-Claude Van Damme‘s hit movie, Bloodsport (1988). The ending credits lists Dux’s fight stats, crediting him with 56 consecutive knockouts, the fastest knockout, and the most victories (over 300). It was following this, that Dux became the center of controversy, with many fans and martial artists casting an unbelieving eye in his direction. Regardless of this, Frank Dux is still considered a martial arts legend.

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