Stuck in Traffick

Cassie_Stillimage1April 11, 2015 – 3pm SHORTS BLOCK “E” @ The Riviera Theatre amp;

-Stuck In Traffick (SH, 12m)– by Jamon Davis, Prince London, Vince London, Mohammed Sarker, Hector Velasquez, Fine Young Man Productions, The Joe Torre Safe at Home Foundation (Brooklyn, New York, USA)

-Stuck in Traffick is a story about a teenage girl’s struggle to cope with the impact of domestic violence in her life. Cassie’s life at home is unbearable. Her father is abusive to Cassie and her mother in every way. Also living with the traumatic loss of her younger sister, Cassie is forced to live alone in a home that is unsafe: her mother disappearing when things get tough, powerless and fearful to leave the relationship. Cassie is left depressed, scared, and alone; living with a secret that she dare not tell those closest to her. Feeling ashamed, Cassie begins to isolate herself from her friends and boyfriend. Hanging out in her neighborhood late at night, scared to go home, the streets become the “safest” place for Cassie, leaving her vulnerable to other forms of abuse such as Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (“Human Trafficking”). Torn between her inner turmoil and her desire to be free from the abuse that overwhelms her life, Cassie reaches a crossroads where she is forced to make a choice that no one should have to make. At the end of the film we are left to wonder, will Cassie remain “stuck” or will she find another path, using her strength and resilience to break the cycle?

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