Redemption 101

Redemption101 POSTERApril 11, 2015 – 3pm -SHORTS BLOCK “E”- @ Buffalo Suzuki Strings

-Redemption 101 (SH, 35m)– by Producers:, Valerie Renèe Campbell, Sebastian Rothwyn, Barbara McDougald, Director: Sebastian Rothwyn (Washington, District of Columbia, USA,New York, New York, USA,Herndon, Virginia, USA)

-Although in part a fictional story, Redemption 101 examines many of the true to life scenarios being played out in our society today. The film shed a bright light on a dark subject drawn on real people’s experiences.

Redemption 101, centers around a young woman, Thalia, who began to abuse
drugs and resorted to prostitution to support a habit as a teen and is now at a crossroad in her life.
She enters a sober house for women to seek help to get clean. She has been sober for four days and she is faced with the reality of losing custody of her infant daughter should she not kick her addiction. Thalia meets some amazing women, with stories of their own, which impact her deeply. One of those ladies is Marta, the director of the sober house who has a secret pain of her own as a result of an addiction.

Will Thalia be able to make a change in her life and save her family or will she resort to only way she has known since the age of thirteen?

Main Cast:
Jenna DiMartini as Thalia
Giordan Diaz as Hector
Paola Torres as Marta
Aelyn Vallis as Ms. Martinez
Janus Yvonne as Sandra
C.A.R. Jackman as Brianna

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