Everywhere Written By: Thomas Louise Castiglione  
An anti-war Senate candidate has his life shattered by the Federal Establishment Against Relaxation (F.E.A.R.), and seeks revenge on this panic-inducing propaganda machine. Written By: Anthony Vollmer and Craig Horwitz
After witnessing a murder, John Accardi leaves NYC and finds himself in Camden, NJ, finding refuge there only to become the victim of a vicious attack. The DA wants to charge the assailants with a crime not yet in the law books: a Homeless Hate Crime. Will justice prevail? Written...
CUDA by Mark Clark Writer: Mark Clark
Pelée by David Earle Writer: David Earle
What I Would Do If I Got Fired by Doug Szczesny After Doug gets fired from his job of 12 years, his friends try to cheer him up with beer and bad ideas. Writer:  Doug Szczesny