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The Hudson Tribes
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“The Hudson Tribes” is a Socio-Political Crime Thriller, inspired by true events. Amidst racial tensions, a Hasidic young man falls in love with a Hispanic woman who teaches at the school his leaders
are shutting down. During a contentious school board vote led by an Orthodox Jewish majority, a prominent leader in the Hasidic community is ruthlessly kidnapped by a local right-wing extremist, and witnessed by the curious eye of this teenager. The young man
decides to withhold information from the police in order to uncover the crime himself – only to realize that the woman he’s infatuated with – is dating the main culprit. Based on true events in an up-state New York town, where a public school district is being torn apart by corrupt politicians, racial divides, and escalating violence – can a romantic connection between two people from distinct ethnic groups bring this town together?

Genre: Drama
Film Length: 1hr 40min

Showtimes: Coming Soon

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John Marco Lopez

Kevin A. Lopez

Main Cast:
Owen Campbell
Vanessa Rubio

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