The Honey Badger
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The Honey Badger
The Honey Badger
The Honey Badger
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This sport documentary follows professional boxer Daniel Hayes (The Honey Badger) as he prepares for his fight in Mexico. Witness the dedication and assassin like mindset needed not just win a fight, but to be victorious in a hostile environment. As he arrives in Mexico, he quickly realizes the disadvantages he’s up against — Mexican fighters are famously known for their ferocious fighting spirit and warrior like heart. Faced against considerable odds, he meticulously prepares to perform to the best of his abilities as he continues his relentless journey to achieve greatness.


Film Length:15min

Showtimes: Sun, Sep 24 at 4:00 PM–6:00 PM

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KB Kutz

Daniel Hayes

Main Cast:
Daniel Hayes

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