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The Glass Floor
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Thomas Langley.  He is a husband, father and co-worker to very strong women who he struggles to deal with his male chauvinist ways.  Very early on in the film you struggle to even like his character.  As the film progresses, however, you begin to see the demons he deals with that have shaped why he is the way he is.  Then one night the tables are turned and he gets to experience how it feels to walk in a woman’s shoes and he has to re-learn the true meaning of “The Glass Floor”.

Genre: Drama
Film Length: 1hr 10min

Showtimes: Mon, Sep 25 at 6:00 PM–8:00 PM

Film Website: https://marvinaskew20.wixsite.com/theglassfloor

Johnette Warren-Askew

Johnette Warren-Askew
Marvin R. Askew II

Main Cast:
Alphonso Walker Jr.
Jetaun Louie
Peter Mark-Raphael
Christina Foster
Leora Owens-Heard

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