The Circus
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Stories of men and women who tell experiences and fragments of their lives, through social issues of great relevance that come together in one world, the Circus. One world, but also a “unique world”, in which someone was born, someone else chose it, others happened by chance, or probably found shelter or ended up after running away.
Stories of people, always current and complex topics, family, work, ethics and prejudice, to name a few, as well as the Circus as tradition, art and a way of life. Ten characters, some young and some not as young, expressing themselves with great spontaneity and introspection, highlighting perhaps the least known aspects of a peculiar community.
The Italian Circus in one of its highest expressions, the Circus Togni Darix.
Livio, Corrado and Davio Togni (Darix’ children) tell their stories not only as artists but also as sons, fathers and grandparents, as men, with what they learned from and taught to the Circus, showing with great humanity the private path whom, like them, did the Circus a reason for living.
The Circus is a world held in a small chest, but the whole world is in it.
(Cit. Davio Togni)

Genre: Documentary
Film Length: 1hr 4min

Showtimes: Mon, Sep 25 at 4:00 PM–6:00 PM

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Gino Pinetti

Gino Pinetti
Barbara Cifali

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