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Sensitive Parts
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Sensitive Parts is the fourth narrative feature film from unabashedly personal young auteur Brendan Prost, which reunites many of the collaborators from his previous feature Spaces and Reservations and his award-winning short film Getting There. Shot around Metro Vancouver during the spring of 2015, Sensitive Parts is wryly-observed and tightly-plotted feature about how the lingering consequences of people’s interpersonal history can sabotage even the most solid of relationships.

When an an insecure young woman, Dolore (Carolyn Yonge), introduces her new boyfriend (Sean Marshall Jr.) to her long-time best friend (Sinead) and discovers that they have a less-than-platonic personal history, her insecurity and interpersonal fears get kicked into hyperdrive and threaten to destroy both relationships. But, with a help from the imaginary manifestation of her pop star alter ego (Monice Peter), Dolore learns to combat her paranoia and anxiety before they consume her and the people she loves.

Bounding effortlessly between outlandish situational humor to resonant character drama—and back again—Sensitive Parts is ultimately a hopeful dramatic comedy about finding courage and self-love, the resilience of female friendship, and the possibility for self-transformation in the face of emotional crisis.

Genre: Drama
Film Length: 1hr 9min

Showtimes: Fri, Sep 22 at 6:00 PM–8:00 PM

Film Website: http://sensitivepartsfilm.com/

Brendan Prost

Brendan Prost

Main Cast:
Carolyn Yonge
Jennifer Kobelt
Monice Peter
Sean Marshall Jr
Drew Redman

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