Remember Us – The Hungarian Hidden Children of the Holocaust
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The Holocaust recedes further into history every day, but the unchecked antisemitism that fueled it still exists and shows signs of growing in chillingly familiar ways. Remember Us presents experts, scholars, activists, and victims of modern-day antisemitism interspersed with the stories of the Hidden Children, Jewish youths in Nazi-occupied Hungary who survived the Holocaust by finding sanctuary in the arms of strangers, with the aid of friends, acquaintances, and even enemy soldiers who looked the other way. Their tales are stories of hardship and close calls, of struggle and fear, of family members taken away never to be seen again and friends gunned down in the street. But amidst the pain and woe were moments of joy and kindness powerful enough to sustain the Hidden Children through their ordeals. Remember Us uses reenactments and interviews with survivors to share not just the horrors and hardships of the Hidden Children but also the rays of hope and happiness that penetrated their dark hiding places and stayed in their memories throughout the long, eventful lives that followed. With screenings scheduled at the United Nations and The Anne Frank Museum, Remember Us will present an honest and emotional account of our past and present, in the hope that we recognize the terrible pattern and never let it escalate to such heights again in the future. To prevent past horrors from returning tomorrow, we must reflect on them today, and we must remember.

Genre: Documentary
Film Length: 1hr 30min

Showtimes: Fri, Sep 22 at 5:00 PM–7:00 PM

Rudy Vegliante

Rudy Vegliante
Jason Auerbach
John Wright
Holly Volger

Main Cast:
Evi Blaikie

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National Accademy of Television Arts & Sciences
United States
Mid Atlantic Chapter EMMY Award