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Part Of Me Now: Living With Breast Cancer
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The fact is people need to see what’s beyond cancer treatments. What’s next? How does someone move on from being handed their death card and then it being taken away?
Part Of Me Now | Living With Breast Cancer targets the hardship and struggles those who’ve gone through Breast Cancer endure beyond their treatments. The film highlights a new side to cancer that has yet to be shown publicly far and wide – the aftermath. It centers around the personal stories of many individuals who will live with cancer in their bodies or in their thoughts for the rest of their lives.
Support is imperative to the disease, and this film shows that side of cancer as well. Dr.Shelby Terstriep of Sanford’s Cancer Survivorship Program based in Fargo, ND talks about ways one can talk about and understand cancer. She goes in depth about services her program offers and how support can change someone’s cancer outcome.
Part Of Me Now dives into the part of cancer that is least talked about and exposes the hard truth about life post-cancer and those it can affect. It shows the rawness and tough parts of the journey. Cancer affects all living things and this film brings to light the effect support and encouragement can bring someone living with or past the disease.

Genre: Short Documentary
Film Length: 39min

Showtimes: Sun, Sep 24 at 5:00 PM–7:00 PM

Emily Gerhardson

Emily Gerhardson

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