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Mayur (Music Video)
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MAYUR, which means “peacock” in Sanskrit, is a 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution abstract, visual music animation inspired by Asian cosmologies, symbols and music. It features complex images that evolve from threads and roots to vines and veins, forming intricate lace-like 2 and 3 dimensional structures, tiles, and living textiles in the luminous colours of the peacock. The beautiful music is by sitar virtuoso Kartik Seshadri performing Raga Anandi Kalyan and courtesy of Traditional Crossroads, TCrossing Music BMI.

Important note: FilmFreeway preview compresses the animation at a very low quality. The film is much better than this! To view the proper quality of the animation for screening, please click on the still images on this page or download the original larger file to a local computer and play directly from the computer.

As this is motion painting, the high image quality in many sections is only able to be seen this way.

While full 4K is best for screening, It is also possible for this work to be screened at full HD resolution.


Vibeke Sorensen

Vibeke Sorensen

Kartik Seshadri