Martin Hill: Camera Man
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Martin Hill: Camera Man tells the story of the unlikely curator of cameras that shot some of the most iconic films in Hollywood’s past. Martin’s remarkable collection of historic film equipment is tucked away in a leaky, dilapidated bowling alley in a tiny North Carolina town.

Cameras, lights and props from movies like Gone With the Wind, Lawrence of Arabia, Star Wars and countless other Academy Award winners are crammed into Martin’s crumbling building. His prize possession is Charlie Chaplin’s personal camera that shot The Gold Rush.

Martin’s accumulation of Tinseltown treasures is one of a kind. Sadly, very few people know of its existence. As Martin ages and his health declines, his sole guardianship of this magnificent Hollywood collection is in peril.

The goal of Martin Hill: Camera Man is to tell this man’s unique story and to secure a future guardian for these priceless pieces of Hollywood history.

Genre: Short, Documentary
Film Length: 39min

Showtimes: Tue, Sep 26 at 5:00 PM–7:00 PM

Joanne Hock


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