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Love’s Labour’s Lost
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This film uses the language of Shakespeare’s original 16th century play, in a modern boarding school setting. Ferdinand, the Student President of Navarre Academy, leads three of his comrades in making a chastity vow in order to focus on their studies. However, with the arrival of four new girls at their school, lead by the Princess of Aquitaine, the boys can’t help but quickly fall for each of their new classmates. Meanwhile, their eccentric Spanish teacher, Don Armado, falling for the school nurse Jaquenetta, catches himself in a love triangle with the janitor, Costard. As you might imagine, this all leads to some wild antics, including secret parties in the woods and students disguised as Russians. The film resolves with a cliffhanger ending and the promise of a reunion in a year’s time, defying typical comedic structure.

Genre: Drama

Film Length: 1hr 35min

Showtimes: Wed, Sep 27 at 9:00 PM–11:00 PM

Film Website: http://www.lllmovie.com/

William O’Hare
Jennifer Sturley

Gill Holland
Alexandra Malick
Jake O’Hare
Jennifer Sturley

Main Cast:
Patrick O’hare
Max Green
Riley Rudy
David Moxham
Tay Allyn
Rachel Ravel
Rob Novak