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The story reveals the physical and emotional struggles of LenLen with Down Syndrome (DS). It features the challenges she faces in a society that see more of the disability and incapacity of special people. Yet, her existence intensifies the emotions of the people around her. (The role of LenLen is ably played by Marielle Therese, a 16-year old really afflicted with DS.)

As the film showcases the challenges of DS, it also captures the story of Emong (Ku’Te), who by himself raised his special sister. Emong has his own set of moral and emotional struggles.

The film actually evolved from a social experiment, part of our advocacy to make everyone realize that people with DS are not a burden to society and that they are talented and capable of doing what we (“normal” people) can do.

Genre: Drama

Film Length: 1hr 51min

Showtimes: Sat, Sep 23 at 3:00 PM–5:00 PM

Ronaldo Bertubin

Ferdinand Lapuz

Main Cast:
Johan Santos
Marielle Therese

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