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Kaufman’s Game
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Kaufman’s Game follows Stanley, an unemployed young man with a passion for boxing, who is keen to improve his strength and stamina. When a stranger approaches him outside the gym with the offer of a specially produced steroid, Stanley is drawn into the ever more violent operations of a powerful organisation, unwittingly entering into a series of tests designed to prove his mettle.
This is a film about power, determination and being your own worst enemy. It celebrates the archetypes of classic Film Noir, and the dark, conspiratorial storytelling technique of Franz Kafka, but with a contemporary minimalist aesthetic.

“”KAUFMAN’S GAME” demonstrates that Helier Bissell-Thomas is a new directing star with talent and passion…watch his career explode.”
       Dov S-S Simens / Hollywood Film Guru

Genre: Thriller
Film Length: 1hr 30min

Showtimes: Thu, Sep 28 at 7:00 PM–9:00 PM

Film Website: http://www.kaufmansgame-movie.com/

Helier Bissell-Thomas

Sarah Beth Greaves-Jones
Melody Haller
Helier Bissell-Thomas

Main Cast:
Jye Frasca
Tor Andreas Fagerland
Amy Pemberton
Rupert Shelbourne
Philippe Jakko

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