Short Film
Gonna Be a Soldier
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Six-year-old Joey wants to be a doctor when he grows up, but his parents explain that he has to be a soldier instead, and kill people. When Joey protests this dark future, they explain that we only kill people in other countries, and only the ones wearing uniforms. “What if they take the uniforms off?” Joey asks. Confused as to why he should grow up to kill people, Joey keeps asking more questions, as his parents doggedly explain the “logic” of war. When his father admits that it’s very sad that so many innocent civilians also get killed, Joey asks, “So, it’s *not* okay?” But his mother cheerily explains, “Of course it’s okay–as long as we’re *trying* to kill the ones with the uniforms. Will Joey’s innocence prevail? Or will his parents’ indoctrination finally wear him down?

Genre: Short
Film Length: 7min

Showtimes: Fri, Sep 22 at 8:00 PM–10:00 PM

Film Website:

Jonny Lewis

Kevin Huie

Main Cast:
Kobe Humphries
Luba Chan
Mike Bash

Chandler International Film Festival
United States
September 28, 2016
Arizona Premiere
Best Actor Under 18