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What if a man with a mental condition, living in a fantasy world and detached from any emotional responsibility, is in real life the prime suspect for a series of murders targeting young women?
Bill Thompson awakens to reality when forced to confront the truth about himself. Is he really the serial killer behind these murders? Or just the perfect fall guy?
But it’s not easy to find those answers when you can’t differentiate between fact and fiction. Now, Bill must struggle to ground himself in reality and unfold the mystery behind the killings, as the only way to prove his innocence. “DISPOSABLE”: the story of a man who must confront the truth about himself in order to save himself

Genre: Drama
Film Length: 1hr 20min

Showtimes: Thu, Sep 21 at 10:00 PM–11:55 PM

Daniel Cayarga

Daniel Cayarga

Main Cast:
Tommy Beardmore

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