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Black Luck
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A legendary killer for the mob disappears, leaving behind his violent past to try and carve out a peaceful future for himself. But when his former boss sends a series of goons after him to settle some unfinished business, he finds out that you can’t keep your monsters at bay forever. With the mob closing in and new enemies at every turn, he has to try and stay a step ahead in order to survive. Sometimes your luck just goes black.

Genre: Thriller
Film Length: 1hr 30min

Showtimes: Mon, Sep 25 at 3:00 PM–5:00 PM

Film Website: http://blackluckfilm.com/

Jason Levering
Davis Weiss

David Weiss
Jason Levering
Garrett Sheeks
Aaron Smith

Main Cast:
Garrett Sheeks
Karrie Bauman
Jeff Gamble
Jeff Luby
Jason Levering

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