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You’ve seen Alcoholic’s Anonymous meetings… you’ve seen stories about recovering drug addicts…. but you haven’t seen the most shocking, traumatic and most terrifying support group. Comprised of a group of people that have been victimised by something truly horrifying. Something that you and I have to deal with every day. Something that effects us all. This is the story of the terrors of Autocorrect and its victims. You will not spank them for staring – whoops I mean “thank them for sharing”.

Genre: Short
Film Length: 7min

Showtimes: Wed, Sep 27 at 5:00 PM–7:00 PM

Conor Woods
Robert Fantozzi

Rob Stanfield
Robert Fantozzi
Conor Woods
Cameron Zayec
Aaron Carroll

Main Cast:
Rob Stanfield
Ashleigh Stewart
John McCullough
Seon Williams
Mauricio Merino Jr.

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