Among Wolves
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Twenty years after the war, Bosnia Herzegovina continues to struggle with little help from those in power. In one small mountain town, however, an unorthodox leader has emerged, determined to help those around him finally emerge from the shadow of war. A born leader who inspires those around him to think differently and take action, he can’t help but wonder in his darker moments if his efforts will ever be enough.

A tough and practical man, Lija stepped up to command the successful defense of his town when he was only 20. He now heads the Wolves motorcycle club, who he has transformed from a rowdy stereotype into a humanitarian force for good—organizing charity events for local families, securing badly needed supplies for hospitals throughout the region, and defending the threatened herd of wild horses that he first met on the front line.

Joined by Braco (his poetic second in command) and Zeljko (a former POW who watches over the herd daily), Lija gives us an intimate and often conflicted look at the personal, social, and political circumstances that still challenge life in this neglected region. In between humanitarian projects, these men always return to the front line. It’s there, with the horses, they confront their past and attempt to reclaim that territory as a space for healing.

AMONG WOLVES is an exercise in documentary as metaphor. As stylized vérité, it replicates for the viewer the experience the director had as he was allowed ever deeper into this normally closed and tough world. Unlike many more hopeless postwar documents, it’s a rare and complicated study of how hope takes root against the odds. What is it that drives people to change themselves and the world around them, and just how much can one man do?

Genre: Documentary

Film Length: 1hr 27min

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Shawn Convey

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Chicago International Film Festival
United States
October 18, 2016
World Premiere
Chicago Award

Los Angeles
United States
October 30, 2016
West Coast premiere
Best Director