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95 Decibels
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Parents Erica and Dylan who have normal hearing struggle with big decisions over what path to take for their young deaf daughter, Sophia. With limited experience of deafness, these parents must determine which hearing options and communication strategies will best serve their toddler daughter. They seek the advice of professionals and meet the parents of similar children to research language options. The decision-making process becomes difficult and dramatic. 

Genre: Short
Film Length: 28min

Showtimes: Tue, Sep 26 at 4:00 PM–6:00 PM

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Lisa Reznik

Daniel Meyers
Nancy Schumann

Main Cast:
Megan Corry
Goran Visnijc
Zachary Hernandez
Tyler Hollinger
Krista Amigone

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International Family Film Festival
Hollywood, CA
November 7, 2014
Best Educational Short Award