7 Days’ Graffiti
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In a remote area of China, there’s a small town. A young man named Sam, who was arrested by assaulting a Chengguan. On the day when he was released, he was told by his friend Jun that his long-lost girlfriend, Chelsea, has returned home without any notification. Chelsea is Sam’s first love. Just for seeing his girlfriend again, Sam decided to stay in town. Sam starts searching Chelsea. However, different life experience has separate them to different routes. Eventually, Chelsea has walked away from Sam. Sam feels no more reason to stay in town. He decided to leave for his future. This movie’s story line is set on Sam’s searching for his girlfriend, so that combines 4 parts of the story which are (In town, Youth in Lost), (Out of town, the Lost Ages), (Separation, Life Without a Choice), (Afar, Where the Mind’s Last Destination). This film tries to present the two generations of Sam and his father, two kinds of workers’ life paths. Also, it depicts the depressions of the young men of the contemporary, when facing the significant impact of the modern times.

Genre: Documentary
Film Length: 1hr 33min

Showtimes: Sat, Sep 23 at 5:00 PM–7:00 PM

LIANG Hanjian
JIA Junyuan

LIANG Hanjian
LIU Mengda

Main Cast:
JIA Junyuan-HUO Xiaoshan (Sam)
TIAN Peng-HE Jun (Jun)
ZHANG Xiangni-WEI Fang
YU Mengxuan-ZHAO Xiaocui (Chelsea)
ZHU Yangao-Crazy Bro

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